SI-MX17 V12/4-29



Manufacturer: Slot.it

Product Code: SI-MX17

Description: V12/4-29

Specifications: 29000RPM – 160g*cm @ 12V

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Slot.it S-Can Motor 29.000 rpm V12/4.

Supplied without wires and pinion.

Stall torque: 160 g*cm @12V

Maximum speed: 29000 rpm

The new 29K motor is exactly the same as the V12/3 (MX10) you’re used to, except for two things

1 – A different end bell, which is now a single piece in order to keep the brushes more firmly and hopefully have a more stable production.

2 – A electrical noise suppressor (varistor ring) inside the motor

Performance wise, they are the same.

The V12 motors features a double axle, which makes it a universal motor upgrade for cars of most makers, be it end bell or can inline or sidewinder of both types.

Further, a special ‘RX’ adapter is available, to upgrade cars with such a ‘RX’ motor to a V12 one.


Supplied without a pinon and wires

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