SI-MN13ch Flat-6 S 22.5K


Manufacturer: Slot.it

Product Code: SI-MN13ch

Description: Flat-6 S 22.5K

Specifications: 22500RPM – 230g*cm @ 12V

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Slot.it Flat-6 S Motor 22.500 rpm Open/Closed.

230gm cm @ 12v 12.5w.

Compact and lightweight long can motor with improved torque, power and braking force by using a new kind of steel.

The milder evolution is the FLAT-6 S, which has an orange label.

The other great innovation case with two different openings, allowing to switch between lower or higher magnetic traction.

The ‘S’ is designed to give a moderated magnetic effect.

The FLAT-6 is a revolutionary new concept in slot car racing motors.

It is a custom-built Slot.it motor designed both to be compatible with the existing Boxer/NC type motor mounts, and to take advantage of a lower centre of gravity when used in the special Slot.it motor mounts, due to its ‘slim’ form, that also make it possible using it in anglewinder configuration under streamlined LMP racers like Slot.it’s Audi R8C, Lola LMP and Audi R18 TDI.

It comes with two magnet variants: standard, which is the strong magnet found in the V12/3 and Boxer/2, and Race ‘R’, with a custom-built magnet to pack outstanding torque and braking in the motor’s flat case.

Supplied without a pinon and wires

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