SI-CA38a – Audi R18 Ultra N.4 Le Mans 2012


Slot.it reproduction of the Audi R18 Ultra #4 that finished 3rd in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2012. Driven by Marco Bonanomi, Oliver Jarvis and Mike Rockenfeller.


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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Slot.it

Product Code: SI-CA38a

Description: Audi R18 Ultra

Race: 24 Hours of Le Mans 2012

Drivers: M. Bonanomi, O. Jarvis & M. Rockenfeller

Class / Category: Modern Le Mans


Technical Specifications

Scale: 1/32

Body: Plastic

Length: 149mm

Height: 34mm

Wheelbase: 93mm

Front Track: 64mm

Rear Track: 64mm

Weight: 80.5g

Magnet: Yes

Motor: MN09ch Flat-6 20500 RPM 200g*cm @12V

Motor Mount: CH74 Anglewinder EVO6 1.0mm offset

Drivetrain: 2WD

Gear Ration: 11 Pinion with 28 Crown (Anglewinder)

Front Wheels: Plastic 17.3 x 8.2

Rear Wheels: Aluminium 17.3 x 8.2

Front Tyres: Rubber PT1167C1

Rear Tyres: Rubber PT1167C1

Lights: No but can be fitted with a light kit


This version has the same chassis and cockpit as CA24 and CA29 cars, but different body, similar to CA29 but with 2WD system and short tail.

The Short tail and rear wing are the same of CA24 cars.

Air outlet different from CA29


  • Compatible for using the Slot.it 4WD system.
  • Compatible for Slot.it suspension.
  • Not compatible for inline or sidewinder motor mounts.


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