SC-6179b Chevrolet Corvette C7-R Cup Edition Silver / Red


Scaleauto 1/32 scale cars can be run on all international (analogue) slot racing system in 1/32 and 1/24 scale.

The Scaleauto 1/32 Corvette C7-R comes with R-Series chassis configuration powered by the Tech-1 20,000rpm long can motor in anglewinder position with RT3 motor mount, aluminium rear wheels and neodimium magnet.

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Tech-1 20,000rpm motor

Adjustable front axle ride height

Neodymium magnet

Aluminium rear wheels 17.2 x 8.5mm

Plastic front wheels 17.2 x 8.5mm

3/32 “(2,38mm) calibrated axes

Pinion 11t / Crown 27t

Stopper 2.38mm (3/32 “)

Pivoting guide SC-1621

Semi-threaded bolts SC-5138