PC-CAR02e – Lotus 72 #29 Brands Hatch 1972 – Dave Charlton


PC-CAR02e – Lotus 72 #29 Brands Hatch 1972 – Dave Charlton

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Product Description


Developed by Slot.it for great performance on any track and beautiful detail to match.

Features a triple gearing accurate reproduction of the Hewland FG400 gearbox. The motor, gear box, and axle are housed inside a separate pod, yet another innovation unique to Policar F1 line, permitting unprecedented levels of tuning and performance for a F1 slot car.

Comes displayed in crystal box and sleeve.

For the collector and racer!


General Specifications

Manufacturer: Policar

Product Code: CAR02e

Description: Lotus 72 – Scribante Lucky Strike Racing

Race: 1972 British Grand Prix race held at Brands Hatch

Driver: Dave Charlton

Class / Category: Classic Formula 1


Technical Specifications

Scale: 1/32

Body: Plastic

Length: 126mm

Height: 33mm

Wheelbase: 78.5mm

Front Track: 54mm

Rear Track: 62mm

Weight: 48g

Magnet: No

Motor: PMX01 Slim-Can 25,000rpm

Motor Mount: Inline

Drivetrain: 2WD

Gear Ration: 9/ 25/16 /17

Front Wheels: PWH1218-Pl Plastic 13.8×7.9

Rear Wheels: PWH1217-Pl Plastic 16×11.7

Front Tyres: Rubber PPT1220C1

Rear Tyres: Rubber PPT1219C1

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