PA40201 – Fasthinner


FASKOLOR 40201 – Fasthinner

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PA40201 – Fasthinner
Colour: Clear
Content: 60ml

FASTHINNER is formulated to properly thin and improve the flow of FASKOLOR paint for airbrushing. It is the key to finer lines, detail and using lower air pressure, especially with gravity feed airbrushes. It speeds up dying time and prevents excessive over spray when thinning paint, without loosing color pigment. Mix in a 3:1 ratio (paint/thinner) up to 50% for best results. 2 oz bottle

FEATURES: Fuel-Proof, Water Based Formula for Easy Clean-Ups. Many Colors for Painting Slot and R/C Car Bodies, Plastic Models. Pinewood Derby Cars, Boats, Scenery, Signs and Ceramics. It remains flexible and resists cracking, chipping and impact damage. Can be used with any air-brush that delivers between 40 and 70 psi, and uses a MEDIUM tip.

FASKOLOR from Parma is a water-based, non-toxic hobby paint for airbrushing, that is specially formulated for clear polycarbonate (Lexan) surfaces. It actually becomes part of the body when brushed or sprayed on. FASKOLOR remains flexible and resists cracking, chipping and most impact damage. It can be used for any other modelling or hobby project, simply top coat with clear enamel for a gloss finish when complete. FASGLITTER/FASKOAT adds a show stopping metallic finish. They also offer a full line of pre-cut vinyl Paint Mask Designs and FASMASK Liquid Paint Mask for clear bodies and most smooth surfaces for faster custom painting.

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