OT252 – 1:18 Honda CR-X MKII


OT252 – Honda CR-X MKII

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Manufacturer: Otto-Mobile

Product Code: OT252

Description: 1988 Honda CR-X MkII

Colour: Blade silver metallic

Material: Resin

Scale: 1:18

Limited Edition: 2000units

Honda CR-X MkII

Back in the Eighties, Honda’s car production line certainly wasn’t lacking. Reflecting the numerous victories of its engines in Formula 1, the 1,6L engine had 130 horsepower. This second generation of the hopped-up coupé first made an appearance in 1987. Legend has it that to put all the chances on the side of this sports coupé, Honda called upon. Pininfarina. The result is that of an aesthetically perfect car, but lacking a real personality. The double hatchback window and the overall design made this version one that was particularly appreciated by fans.

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