OT236 – 1:18 Toyota Supra MK4


OT236 – Toyota Supra MK4

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Manufacturer: Otto-Mobile

Product Code: OT236

Description: Toyota Supra Mk4

Colour: Super White

Material: Resin

Scale: 1:18

Limited Edition: 2000units

Toyota Supra Mk4

When trying to imagine the fourth generation Supra, the Japanese manufacturer started from scratch. The Nineties was the decade of ‘bio design’ sports cars, and Toyota would prove themselves to be very loyal to this mantra. With an imposing rear wing, its aesthetic was inimitable, but it was the engine – a 6-cylinder 24 valve number equipped with 2 turbos and pushing 330 horsepower – that made the car truly special. It would eventually relive its glory days through a number of video games, including the popular Gran Turismo.

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