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DS-3503c – Basic-3 controller 45 Ohm Economy without wire connection


Third generation of the professional DS-Racing hand controller. The popular choice for upgrading your standard Scalextric hand controller and for competition club racing.

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DS Hand Controller v3 45 ohm.

New PCB board with 18 points of contact for greater sensitivity and progression of the power sent to the track. Like the previous v2 version, it incorporates a self-disconnection system due to overheating or track crossings to avoid burning the controller.

  • Designed for comfort, and grip
  • Useful for 1 or 2 finger driver style
  • 2 selectable spring tension
  • Long lasting cooper contact with 18 sections
  • Operating voltage is between 10 and 20 DC volts
  • Lightweight transparent coloured casing
  • Superflex internal wire
  • 1m long wire
  • Wire bending protection

Controller comes supplied without a connector plug.
Can be used on many track systems with the properly fitted plug.

The colour of the controller will vary from 8 different vibrant colours.

Choosing the right OHM
All DS controllers produce the same top power. The ohm is simply the sensitivity of the controller. For example, 25ohm is more sensitive (faster throttle response) and 55ohm is the least sensitive. For Scalextric home circuits we recommend 35ohm and for club racing 25ohm, but it all depends on the track layout and driver preference.